Products We Recommend

We are often asked what products we recommend for your new puppy.

A general shopping list should include:

  • Bowls for food and water
  • High quality pet food
  • Vitamins
  • Brush, Comb, Dematting Rake
  • Ear Cleaning Powder
  • Nature’s Miracle Cleaner
  • Shampoo
  • Nail Clippers
  • Chew stop spray such as Bitter Apple
  • Crate with movable divider (30 x 19 x 21) for a medium-sized dog
  • Toys and Chews (not rawhide)
  • Easy Walk Harness
  • ID tag with your contact information
  • Leash (not retractable)

Links to recommended products

Australian Labradoodle Association of America

ALAA Member Breeder 003260-0314
Valid 03/17-03/18

The Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) protects the welfare of the Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle breeds. The organization promotes responsible dog companionship by cataloguing helpful information about the breeds and by offering networking services to breeders and owners.